Your skin has a lot to contend with in the winter.  Outside brings cold air and frigid winds, and inside brings constant exposure to dry air from indoor heaters. All this causes our skin to dry out more in the winter.  When it comes to skincare, a few tweaks to your routine can go a long way in combatting the colder temperatures and everything that comes with them. Winter dry skin doesn’t need to be a thing! Make sure to focus your winter skincare on keeping your skin hydrated; preserving moisture in the skin to prevent dryness. One small change you can make in your skincare routine is to layer your moisturizers. Rather than putting on a heavy cream that just sits on the skin’s surface, layering helps to penetrate the skin, helping your skin reap the benefits further.

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How To Layer Your Moisturizers

Think of layering your skincare like you’d layer your clothes for winter.  You put the lightest layers on first, building up to your thicker protective layer, or jacket.  The same goes for skincare.  When layering your products, start with the lightest texture, and progress to the thicker creams.  Just like you wouldn’t put a t-shirt on over your jacket (talk about ineffective for keeping you warm!), you wouldn’t want to put a hydrating gel or a serum over your moisturizing cream because the benefits won’t get through. Dry skin needs all the help it can get, and layering moisturizers provides an additional dose of much-needed skin hydration, but only if done right.

What Products to Layer to Fight Dry, Winter Skin

What do we recommend for layering skincare for the winter?  There are quite a few options, but with our skincare line, we make the process easy for you! We have two moisturizers that are perfect for layering in the frigid winter months.

Picture of So Rich Hydrating Gel on a white background. Picture of So Rich Moisturizing Cream on a white background.

So Rich Hydrating Gel is a lightweight gel to cream formulation perfect for use on its own in the warmer months, and perfect for layering under additional moisturizers for the winter.   So Rich Hydrating Gel is the ideal base to build on when layering your moisturizers. Its lightweight formula absorbs right into the skin, making layering easy. Our signature ingredients: Camellia and Lotus hydrate, brighten and replenish the skin. Hyaluronic acid hydrates and antioxidant-packed ingredients protect your skin from damaging free radicals. So Rich Moisturizing Cream is a rich and velvety moisturizing cream. It is perfect on its own to transition away from warmer months as it starts to get colder, and an ideal second layer for moisturizing when your skin gets extra dry. Camellia and Lotus hydrate, brighten and replenish the skin. It is also packed with ingredients like jojoba and hyaluronic acid that are intensely hydrating for your skin.


Picture of Dreamy Glow Sleeping Mask on a white background.

Winter is also the best time to add a sleeping mask to your routine. A hydrating sleeping mask gives your skin an extra dose of moisture when it needs it the most.  Our Dreamy Glow Sleeping Mask is packed with hydrating ingredients and locks in moisture and all the benefits from your skincare steps before it. Try adding a sleeping mask 1-2 times a week as an overnight treatment to really boost your skin’s moisture levels.

Winter is hard on your skin, but with a few tweaks to your skincare routine, you can be hydrated and glowing all season long! Follow us on Instagram for more skincare tips and information about our products!

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